DI4500 Premier Multi-format inserter
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The DI4500 has the unique ability to be able to process letter format and C4 pocket envelopes simultaneously. Automatic selection of the most appropriate envelope format ensures the highest levels of production. The modular design can accommodate up to seven feeders, all supporting scanning, to process even the most complex application.
Cycling Speed Up to 10,000 envelopes per hour - C5/6 and C5 Up to 2,500 envelopes per hour - C4 pocket envelopes Documents Up to A3 Paper Weight 80-110gsm on feeder folder Feeder Capacity 500 sheets of 80gsm Folder Automatic adjustment with memory function Half fold, double fold, roll fold, Z fold Capacity - up to 6 sheets of 80gsm half folded Envelope Size Format - From Letter (C6/5 to C5) to C4 pocket Paper Weight - 80-100gsm Feeder Capacity - C6/5 & C5 - 700 envelopes of 80gsm C4 Pocket - 300 envelopes of 80gsm Maximum Accumulated Thickness Up to 3.5mm into a C5 envelope - 4 feeder chassis Up to 4.0mm into a C5 envelope - 6 feeder chassis Up to 60 sheets of 80gsm paper / 8mm into a C4 pocket envelope - 4 & 6 feeder chassis Dimensions 1.85m x 2.70m - 4 feeder chassis 1.85m x 3.05m - 6 feeder chassis Power Supply 230 Volts, 14 Amps, single phase *Specifications are subject to change without notice. Performance may vary depending on the exact job configuration, materials and environmental conditions.
The DI4500 simplifies the most demanding job The DI4500 is the worlds first multi format production inserter. Two insert tables allow letter format envelopes and C4 pocket envelopes to be processed at the same time with the documents being directed to the most appropriate envelope automatically The DI4500 has three insertion modes: letter format, C4 pocket format or mixed. The mixed format mode avoids the need to manually pre-sort documents or manipulate the print run to reflect the envelope size. The DI4500 simply directs the accumulated set to the appropriate inserting area. In markets where postage charges are size based, the DI4500 ensures the smallest format envelope is used, minimising the cost Class Leading Flexibility The flexibility and unique nature of the DI4500 allows an unparalleled number of applications to be processed: multi page transactional documents such as invoices and statements, documents with significant page count variation, brochures and catalogues, selective inserts, mailings of all types Ease of Control The DI4500 is controlled by a central computer which ensures the correct operation of the feeders and directs the document set to the appropriate insert table. To program the DI4500 simply turn it on and follow the clear Windows style instructions on one of the two 17" flat touch screens. The operating system can memorise and recall job details instantly and the DI4500 automatically sets many of the adjustments which require manual intervention on competitive inserters High Production The DI4500 is designed to meet the demands of the production mail environment The DI4500 offers so many features yet occupies a small footprint making it the ideal choice for busy post rooms where space is at a premium Versatile Scanning Ability The DI4500 can read all common symbologies including OMR, BCR, OCR and Data Matrix allowing it to produce some of the most secure documents available. All types of document from insurance policies to invoices and from statements to personalised mailings Because the DI4500 can insert document sets with significant page counts into a C4 pocket envelope postage costs can be reduced by grouping documents for one customer together, reducing the number of envelopes used