DI4000 Entry Level Production inserters
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The DI4000 has been developed to meet the stringent demands of today's production mail. Equally suited to providing the essential mailing operation in a commercial mail room or complementing high volume transactional inserters in a bureau environment, the DI4000 offers a processing speed of 10,000 envelopes per hour and multiple configurations with up to 7 feeders.
Cycling Speed Up to 10,000 envelopes per hour Documents Up to A3 Paper Weight 80-110gsm on feeder folder Feeder Capacity 500 sheets of 80gsm Folder Automatic adjustment with memory function Half fold, double fold, roll fold, Z fold Capacity - up to 6 sheets of 80gsm half folded Envelope Size Format - Letter (from C6/5 to C5) Paper Weight - 80-100gsm Feeder Capacity - 700 envelopes of 80gsm Maximum Accumulated Thickness Up to 3.5mm into a C5 envelope - 4 feeder chassis Up to 4.0mm into a C5 envelope - 6 feeder chassis Dimensions 1.85m x 1.80m - 4 feeder chassis 1.85m x 2.10m - 6 feeder chassis Power Supply 230 Volts, 14 Amps, single phase *Specifications are subject to change without notice. Performance may vary depending on the exact job configuration, materials and environmental conditions.
Integrity and Control Every feeder may be equipped with a reader to allow precise control of the inserter with optional matching between feeders available A network of optic fiber sensors allows mail piece tracking and output verification Completed, diverted or incomplete mail pieces are identified and reported to provide full integrity Integrated Franking Capability The latest generation of Pitney Bowes franking meters may be added to the DI4000 and controlled directly through the inserter's computer Mail piece weight is determined by the inserter and the appropriate postage charges are automatically added Operation with the greatest of ease The major strength of the DI4000 is its simplicity. The operator uses a touch screen with Windows style menus to control the inserter in 'real time' Important adjustments such as 'double detect' and fold style are automated and settings may be memorised Modular Design Permits Evolution The DI4000 has a modular design which allows the number and style of insert feeders to be changed at any time - without modifying the chassis