APS™ Edge Inserting System
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The APS™ Edge incorporates a series of innovations that increase throughput, mail piece integrity and system reliability. As a 100% servo-powered inserter, the APS Edge system delivers up to 98% uptime, consistent performance and superior material handling. Today's APS Edge can handle higher page counts and process more mail per shift to meet and exceed your SLAs - and lower your cost per mailpiece.
Cycling Speed Up to 22,000 Cycles per hour Power Requirements 3 Phase, 215V, 50A Number of Insert Stations From 3 to 21 stations Maximum Collation Thickness 8mm Envelope Size Depth Width Min: 98mm / Max: 162mm Min: 178mm / Max: 292mm Insert Materials Depth Width Min: 89mm / Max: 158mm Min: 140mm / Max: 250mm Air Air Pressure Air Flow 70 PSI / 4.85 Bar 3.5 SCFM (min) *Specifications are subject to change without notice. Performance may vary depending on the exact job configuration, materials and environmental conditions.
Less systems, faster processing: replace up to six legacy systems with a single APS Edge Less footprint: reallocate valuable space Less labour: fewer operators per shift Less material waste: servo technology drives maximum uptime Less expense: drive cost savings through system reliability