DF800 Paper Folder
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The DF800 Folder is a fully automatic folder that has been developed to eliminate your manual folding difficulties. It will improve the accuracy of fold and therefore the final presentation of your mail. Sleek, modern and quiet, this machine has been designed to improve office efficiency and speed up the processing of your outgoing mail.
325 sheet feeder 7 different folds 5 speeds (adjustable while running) Modern, backlit LCD control panel Stores up to 20 jobs Load on the fly Optional high-capacity stacker Optional high-capacity stacker
Easy to Use; The DF800 contains an LCD panel which guides operators through the process of creating or editing a job using an easy to follow wizard Eliminate errors; Before running a job a trial piece allows you to check exactly how your document will look once folded. The batch counter stops the machine automatically when the required number of documents have been folded meaning that you won’t fold more items than you need. Improve productivity; The DF800 operates at speeds of up to 13,000 items per hour. The load on the fly feature allows you to load documents into the feeder whilst the machine is in operation. Flexibility; Folding a small number of documents is easy - the manual mode allows you to feed up to 5 stapled sheets by hand: