Energy Solutions (Private) Limited (ESL) is primarily a Service Company in Power Generation business. It has been created with a mission to help customers select and buy, install and commission, operate and maintain power generation equipment from 2kva to 2500 kVA with focus on high horsepower machines. The Company believes in “doing what has been said and delivering what has been promised”. The management of ESL knows what this age old cliché means to the customers, employees and the society at large.

Energy Solutions (Private) Limited (ESL) is a Company run and managed by professionals having a cumulative experience of over 250 years in power generation. The Company was formed in early 2006 and became associated with Aksa Power Generation Turkey as its official distributor from June 2006. In just over two years of association, ESL and Aksa are trying to become a force to reckon with in Power Generation market of Pakistan, with a sale to date of almost 500 units. The market size is 150 million US dollars approximately when you take into account generators from 10 kVA to 3000 kVA and almost 1.0 billion dollars when you take into account all generators from 1 kVA and upwards. The value package provided by ESL to its customers includes

  • Turn key energy solutions with European standard gen-sets up to 2 MW and multiples thereof from Aksa Power Generation.
  • Rental gen-sets with Saudi Pak Leasing Company Ltd.
  • Bi fuel conversion from ComAp for slow and high speed diesel engines, with a pay back period of less than 800 hours of operation.
  • Paralleling, synchronizing, and load sharing between generators of different make, models and manufacturers etc
  • Sound attenuation solutions for Power houses

ESL customers in Pakistan include virtually someone or the other from all sectors of economy and industry viz. Hospitals, Textile, Pharmaceuticals, Automobile sector, Banks, Leasing Companies, Airlines, Poultry, Beverage industry, Port operations, CNG stations etc. etc. One of the important feathers in our cap is that Aksa generators are becoming very popular and trustworthy in Genset rental operations where the equipment has to go through most grueling operating conditions.

ESL wants to delight its customers and not just satisfy them. It wants to deliver more than what it promises and more than what is contracted. This, it believes, can only be achieved with a passion to serve, by designing and devising customized value packages, developing capable employees and reliable business partners and depending on team work. ESL knows fully well that the road to excellence is long, tortuous and has no end. ESL has just begun its journey but it seems to have taken the right direction, with an openness and eagerness to improve with every passing day.