SD One scanner
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Product Details
The SD One scanner is designed to be used by you right on your desk with 6 key features in mind. The objective has been to create a wide format scanner like no other. Focusing on 6 key features has enabled us to design a unique product that enables you to scan as-builts and other design changes right when you need them.
  • Using a standard USB connection enables connection to any PC or laptop.
  • Lightweight and powerful. By using new materials and methods
  • The Cloud enabled SD One scanner can send documents directly to your preferred destinations.
  • Most wide format documents contains color information that makes changes and other important information easy to understand
  • Available in two sizes to best support your document needs. The 24" model (scanning up to 610 mm wide) will scan documents up to A1 / D size and take little space on your desk
  • SD One supports standard document formats like PDF and PDF/A. These are formats that can be opened and printed in scale using the free Adobe Reader