Asia Polyurethane

Asia Polyurethane

APU was established since 1985, with a fully equipped facility to tailor polyurethane systems to the needs of its customers. Its products are supplied to its diversified customer base in more than 40 countries all over the world.

In 1995, APU had the honits of being the first polyurethane system house in Asia to be formally accredited with ISO 9001. This accreditation serves as an assurance of the commitment of APU to research and development, quality of product and quality of service. Safety and environmental preservation is equally important to APU and to meet these goals APU is also certified to ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

APU specializes in the blending and supply of Customer designed Polyurethane resins and manufacture of Polyurethane blended components for a wide range of industries. Such as domestic appliances, automotive components, petrochemical insulation projects, furniture industries, general construction and many other diverse areas.

APU has further shown its commitment as a polyurethane company by providing excellent services, innovative products and promoting a creative and innovative culture within the organization. These certifications such as Singapore Quality Class, Service Class, Innovation Class and People Developer have raised its level in term of its service standards; quality and number of new innovative products, as well as improving its cost-effective customize solutions.

To promote the use of polyurethane materials in the construction industry, APU was involved in a project for the first domestic dwelling house. This construction was awarded “Green Mark” under the Singapore Building and Construction Authority scheme, combining recycled and energy saving materials. APU is also certified with Green Label for its product and this has further enhances APU position to go into the “Green” industry.

APU continually strive to reduce cost of customers’ operation by the supply of systems that enhance the productivity or improve on the properties of the polyurethane system. Its partners and customers’ expectation has increased towards better quality, cost-effective products and prompt delivery. As such, APU has to be more nimble, flexible, and service orientated towards its customers and partners. APU will continue its jitsney for business excellence, quality, safety and environmental consciousness